Terms and Conditions

By making a reservation, the customer understands and agrees that this location is a MOTEL/HOTEL and it is not a permanent residence. Customer(s) agree(s) not to use this location at any time as a permanent mailing address. Customer further agrees NOT to use this motel address on any binding, government, or private documentation this includes but is not limited to a Driver Licenses. After check out, customer will not hold this Motel/Hotel or it’s affiliates, employees or contractors responsible for any personal belongings that get damaged, destroyed or discarded. Customer understands that upon check out of this facility, we will discard any items left in rooms, which may include trash, beer cans, used or new clothing, furniture, bathroom products, glasses, cell phones, documents, or any other belonging left behind. If at any time, the MOTEL/HOTEL staff finds it necessary to ask you or tell you to leave due to your irresponsibility, disturbances, fights, damages, non-payment, late payment, refuse to pay, or if you cause the staff to contact police because of any of the above then your personnel property must be taken immediately and it will not be saved or held by anyone including owners, managers and staff of the premises. If police is called for whatever reason you and your guest will be trespassed from the property and you and your guest will not be welcomed back. Customer agrees to check out on a weekly basis. YOU MUST CHECK OUT, NO EXCEPTIONS, by signing this form you are agreeing to check out after you stay here with us one week. If you would like to check back in you may do so but ONLY after you have fully check out and collected your belonging. You need to check out by 10:30 AM and you may check in after 3:00 PM. You can not consistently stay here on a weekly basis you will need to check out after a full week of stay. By signing below your agree and understand all of the motel’s policies, and procedures noted above and you agree to comply.

All the rooms are NON-Smoking rooms.

No pets allowed

All bookings are subject to a security deposit paid in advance at check-in time. Per-day bookings require a refundable security deposit of $20 and per-week bookings require a refundable security deposit of $50.

NOTICE TO GUESTS: This property is privately owned and management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind or any vehicle. NO HOUSE KEEPING SERVICE IS PROVIDED.